[We would have an image here but we're trying to gear towards more Pokèmon fans. For now, nothing is here. Please mind the state of the main page for now, while we update.]


This Wiki is being revamped from its current state. There are many, many issues the site has that I need to personally fix. Please mind the outdated nature of the site and... if you want, please help out with the transition! After

I am purging all characters of people who no longer use the site. I am sorry, but those characters are just adding to the mess. I am also deleting all RP posts. We're starting again. Joining posts are still availible, but now those characters of people who do not RP here are gone, as of today, July 27, 2017. Thank you for understanding that this Wiki is going into a new era, surely to be better than the last! ^w^

If anyone who got their character deleted still wants to use them, they will have to show a page to me. Pages were NOT deleted for this reason.  After

Welcome to Eeveelutions Roleplay Wiki!

This is a roleplaying wiki where Eevee and the Eeveelutions can be roleplayed. Any other Pokemon can be RPed here as well.

We try to make a welcoming environment here for anyone who would like to join it. Seriously, come on in! We're friendly!

To join, click here.

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